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So Great Salvation

Why is Salvation so great?

Hebrews 2:3 How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;

Is salvation great?

To begin to answer this question let me ask a question.  What makes a book great?  Or what makes a painting great, what gives it  great value   Surely it is, the author or the artist who gives depth great content and great beauty.    Salvation was authored by God himself without anyone suggesting it to Him, it was and is His idea. He planned it in such depth and beauty, before even the foundation of the world.   He alone is the author  and artist of our eternal salvation.  Salvation is so great because the author and artist of it is none other than God Himself.

There are many stories of famous art works being discovered and bought for a fraction of their real worth.   One of my favourites is at an auction a small slightly damaged oil painting which expected to fetch around $500 to $800 at the auction.  Experts recognised it and it turned out to be a long lost painting by Rembrandt the famous Dutch artist.   It sold for over a million dollars.   What made the difference?   The bidding opened at only $250, the auctioneer commented that the painting was online for the whole world to see, yet in all the world only 3 people recognised its great value and beauty.   Most dismissed it as a fake  and missed the great prize.   

Once it was realised who the artist was the value shot up enormously.   

The Gospel message is in every Bible yet so many don’t see it or realise its great value. So many just dismiss it.   Yet what can compare to Gods master plan of redemption to rescue lost people out of the clutches of darkness and translate them into His glorious light.   To make them children of the most High God.

The first reason Salvation is Great is because God is the Author and artist.

To understand still more of this greatness,

we need to understand the severity of the condition we have been delivered from.    Also that in our great helplessness and depravity, we couldn’t do anything in our own strength to change our sinful condition, but now there is help in a helpless situation.   God is the one who saves us and gives us new life.  We all loose things in this world but to loose eternal life and be condemned to eternal darkness when we leave this earth is a loss too great too eternal.

The Gospel message is that the coming of Christ to this earth would translate us out of darkness into His glorious light.    He delivers us from the worst possible condition, a condition so serious it would separate us from God for ever.  This great salvation now brings those who were once afar off near to Him. We are saved  from the greatest possible punishment that we deserved. We receive the gift of eternal life, the gift of a new life in Christ Jesus and the gift of fellowship with Him.  Oh it is so great it secures for us the longest lasting blessings which no one can ever take away from us.

When we speak of the greatness of a medicine, like a simple aspirin, we know it has definite results that removes the symptoms of a headache.    There are other medicines even greater, that can save us from life threatening diseases.

Salvation is truly great because it is able to deliver us not from a mere headache, but from a life threatening condition so serious that it has eternal consequences.   

The Gospel is the greatest power in all of history, because of the eternal calamity from which it saves us.  We were condemned to death because of sin, we were without a hope and a future.  But believing the gospel saves us from the wrath to come.

Who was this Saviour?  

It wasn’t just an angel. No rather it was the One who created the angels the co creator of the universe, who became a man a little lower than the angels .  He came as a baby from heaven to earth, He came born of a women, He came to die for us.  He came to seek and to save those who were lost.   His name is Jesus the son of the living God.  Usually the one who caused the offence seeks the one he offended asking for pardon.  But our God is so wonderful that He came seeking for us while we were yet sinners He died for us.

So great salvation, is God’s greatest gift possible to mankind.  Oh receive this  wonderful gift.  This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened in the history of the world.  That God in Christ should come and die for sinners.   Trust in Christ the Redeemer as the only way of salvation.  Look unto Him and be saved.  Believe He came for you a lost sinner.  You are made right with Him by repentance from your rejection of Him and by faith in Him.  By grace are you saved through faith, not of yourselves.  That is the greatest gift.

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