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If Any Man Thirst

John 7:37 (KJV) 37 In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.

I f any man thirst.   ANYMAN.  This was not a soft whisper but a loud cry for all to hear, it was clearly proclaimed to all that none may be ignorant of it.  Many will never come unless the Spirit of God arouses a thirst in them.

Anyman can call upon the Lord, and if they did well then the scripture says whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.   And Any-man can come and drink.   But not every man wants to come?   So many are just not interested not willing to come.   Not thirsty.

If you are honest there are times in your life when you have done something you know is wrong.  You feel guilty, dirty, great shame and you wished you had not been so foolish.  There is something deep inside of you that wants pardon,  an inclination to pray and say Lord forgive me.  I think every person at one time in their life feels a need to pray.  The need to come unto the Lord.

For some In great shock, or in grief, or when great fear seizes their hearts,   they may ordinarily not have much time for God or the church.  But when they are faced with danger, when fear grips the heart, they turn to God for help.  In war in sickness in extreme loneliness.  There is something in us that knows there is a God who can help us. We know deep down, yet we learn to cope with life’s difficulties.  When  these things face us we learn to turn to other things to calm us to take our mind off them.   Things like:-

To entertainment.  Oh what a terrible day I’ve had, I’ll just get my mind off all this and watch a film, or watch the television.   Still others get busy with something they enjoy, maybe go to the shops and buy something nice to make them feel better.   Well that worked so there is no need to pray, no need for God.   We have these things.    So many things  For some they surround themselves with company.  They talk about the good old days, they talk about their dreams, they even tell of the bad thing that happened last week.   Now they feel better…    Rather than coming to God,  rather than praying . They look to company to friends.  But when the friends go the emptiness and pain comes again, Friends are good but can’t replace God.   We need to call upon God He alone is the one who satisfies us.

We try to fill the emptiness with every kind of thing. 

Things that are not wrong in their place.  We thrust aside the desire to seek God, we push aside the conviction to seek forgiveness and rather look to multitudes of Activities.   It does work!This is only temporary, fleeting relief, but worst of all it hardens the heart towards God.  Any sense of need we try to take care of it ourselfs with our own devices .  That’s the whole problem of modern man.  Blinded from looking to God.

Any-man Could come to Christ for help.  Any Man could come for forgiveness but not every man wants to come to Christ.  They are just not thirsty.  They are hardened to the Gospel,  Blinded and cant really see what help the Gospel would offer.

People are desperate for Peace.

If only they knew Jesus said My peace I give unto you.  If only they knew Jesus Christ is the prince of peace.    But so many run to strong drink or to drugs to bring peace to their troubled lives.  They could come to Christ, If Any man come,  but in desperation they try to take care of the emptiness, the terrible sense of no purpose.  If only they would come to Christ and not be so quick to run to what they think will bring some relief to the pain or fear or guilt.   Others get down and gloomy.  They don’t want to try drugs or drink but they have something else, they put on the headphones and turn up the volume and the music takes their mind off their terrible situation.

Any man can come and drink.  But we have got so good at all our ways to bring temporary relief .  We have hardened ourselves and don’t pray and don’t come.  Thirst for God has been pushed out, thoughts of repentance rejected.

BUT FRIEND – God continues to draw us.  His arms are outstretched to us. He tells us draw near to me and I will draw near to you.

James 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

Is there a thirst in your life, do you feel a need. Have cares overwhelmed you. Jesus said let him come.  But how can I come, Ive got no merit no good deeds.   All you need is THIRST.  dryness – longing – craving-

Do you feel your confidence is gone,  How are you doing is there a spring in your step showing you are happy and confident, No Just emptiness!  Loneliness, no purpose.    You need LIFE.   Jesus said I have come that you may have life and life to the full.   You need that wonderful promise of Salvation.


you have got to come, conversion is not yours until you come.   You are separated you are removed.  Humble yourself and come to where He is.   It’s a new life you need the promise of NEW LIFE IN CHRIST.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Let him come UNTO ME.  Come to Me.  Not to your priest .  Not to your pastor, not to the big man of God.   

Come to the one who loved you so much that he died for you.

  • Only Jesus Christ is the saviour.
  • Only Jesus Christ is qualified to help you.   
  • Only Jesus 100% God and 100% man.

Hebrews 4:15-16 (KJV) For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. 16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Only Jesus a member of the Trinity. The weight of what He bore on the cross for us, what he suffered for us,  no man could endure, only God could endure.   The perfect Holy sinless life he lived.  The righteous one taking our sin. Taking our punishment.  His suffering all this to take our sin away.   Then He gives His righteousness to us,  Imputing righteousness to us.   

Only He can do that.  Only He has the power to change you?  Only He can make you new.

What are you running to?  What do you adore?   A famous football player?  Can they change you?  Can they give you new life.    Of course not!

If any man thirst Let Him come unto me and drink.   It’s so very simple to come unto Christ and drink.   Even a little baby can drink. Even a a young child just starting to walk can lift a cup to their lips and drink.   It’s so easy, it’s so simple .

John 4:10 (NIV) 10 Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”

You come, you ask, you repent.

The things Ive done, the things I should have done but have not done. Oh so many I can’t make a full list of them!   But tell God your main problem, Im a lier.  Tell him what you are.  Tell Him you are sorry.   Im so unfaithful,  Im such a mean and unkind person, Im a thief.   Tell Him you are ashamed of what you are.   Tell Him you are sorry.

Give yourself wholly to Him and He will give you new life.  He will change your life.

Only He has the power to do that- Only He has the power to make all things new.   A new nature , a new Heart a new beginning.  Jesus cried with a loud voice If any man thirst let him come to me and drink.  Only Jesus has the power to make all things new.  To restore a broken life.Oh when I Come to Him,  When I see what He has done for me – all manner of needs are satisfied.

He gives Peace to every troubled heart that comes in sincerity

He puts gladness in our hearts, more than in the time increase of corn and wine.  He satisfies with the goodness of His house.

Come to Him, tell Him tell Him your main problem. Tell Him you are guilty and in need of forgiveness, tell Him you trust Him with all of your heart.  Tell Him you believe He died for you on the cross at Calvary put your trust in Him and He will give you assurance .

If you have no assurance that God has heard you,

It may be that your confession is lip service only, but your heart is not in what you are saying,  you have hidden that sinful deed.  You wont give it up,  you want to be a Christian but you don’t want to give up that thing.   You can’t fool God he sees He knows.  He sees all our secrets.  Some say, but I prayed, God doesn’t seem to hear, I have no witness , no assurance of salvation.    Give it up, surrender all to the Lord.  No holding on to the old sinful ways. No hiding of any sin.

Turn from you old ways to the Lord  and He will give you everlasting citizenship He will give you to drink from living water. There will be a depth about your life, God will change you and make you new.

On the last day of the feast Jesus cried out.  If any man thirst let Him come unto Me and drink.

Hebrews 10:22 Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.

Have you thirsted?  Have you come?  Have you drunk deeply of him?   With outstretched arms Jesus bids all who thirst Come unto me.

Let’s pray. 

Oh Lord Let no one be shut out , let no one be blinded from seeing the truth.  Convict us of our need, draw us Lord unto you.  Let us know you, let us walk with you and our lives bring glory to your name.

Lord If there are people satisfied with the way things are we ask, Make them thirsty, grant them thirst   Oh Lord come and work in every heart.


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